Castaway Pet Rescue, Inc.
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Donation Wish list

Thank you in advance for considering a donation of goods to Castaway Pet Rescue. There are numerous supplies needed on a daily basis. Generous donations like yours allow us to put more funds toward our rescue efforts. Please email us to schedule a drop off or pick up at

•    Paper towels
•    Laundry detergent
•    Liquid hand soap
•    Hand sanitizer
•    Commercial strength waste bags – 33 gallon
•    Kitchen size trash can bags
•    All-purpose cleaners
•    Mops/Brooms/Long handle dust pans
•    Puppy pads
•    Antibacterial Wipes
•    Towels (Clean and Used towels are fine)
•    Pooper Scoopers
•    Disposable Poop Bags

•    Soft, chewy dog treats to be used for training
•    Kongs, rope toys, and other durable dog chew toys
•    Rawhides, chew bones, antlers
•    Leashes and collars of all sizes
•    Stainless steel water and food bowls
•    Plastic or wire dog crates in usable condition (no fabric crates please)
•    Dog and Puppy food (wet and dry)
•    Paper plates and plastic bowls (for water and food when at events)
•    Dog and Puppy shampoo
•    Heartworm prevention
•    Flea Protection
•    Pancur Dewormer
•    Dog beds
•    Blankets, comforters, sheets (Clean and used are fine)

•    Copy paper
•    Stamps
•    Printing services for our business cards, thank you notes, etc.
•    General office supplies – pens, sharpies, staples, tape, etc.
•    Bottled water to keep our volunteers refreshed
•    Gift Cards for big box (Sam’s and Costco) and grocery stores
•    Gift Cards for pet stores
•    Gift Cards for fuel (for vet runs and rescue transports)
•    Bungee cords and zip ties
•    Plastic Totes

•    Monetary donations
•    Corporate sponsors/advertising for events
•    Groups or organizations to hold fundraisers

Donate Any Unused or Unwanted Gift Card Balances Through CharityChoice!

Donate Any Unused or Unwanted Gift Card Balances Through CharityChoice!

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